It is said that if the index toe is longer than the big toe, people are born labor life. I unfortunately hit. More unfortunate is that I really was a man with no luck. Want something better? I also thought of giving up , but do not want to compromise on the lifetime of mediocrity , only step by step, and keep climbing .

But good habits can change a person’s life , whether it is true or false, people know only practiced . Adhere to these 10 habits, so today I am more excellent than yesterday , I live out their own wonderful life.

To plan daily habit
Self-reflection daily habit
Write a paragraph a day habit
Bookkeeping habits
Adhere to exercise every day habit
Read more books every day habit
Adhere to improve their expertise to a habit
Every day to myself ” effort” diet
And friends insist the habit
Adhere to the habit of doing good

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